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St.Pat's Hopital The Dept. of Energy's National Awards Program Winner for Innovative Systems Technology and Design.

St. Patrick's Hospital a 240,000 sq. ft. primary care hospital in Missoula, Montana, is quiet, cool, and humidified. In winter, heat is cascaded and recycled, allowing an environment that is, above all else, comfortable.

With the exception of the food service area and the transfer fans, the hospital is served from one primary air-handling supply system. [Plan] The greatest advantage if this is: the minimum outside ventilation air, which must be brought into the building to replace the air removed by the many exhaust air systems, can be specially treated and injected into the building at one point.








St. Patrick Hospital architects, Mills, John & Rigdon of Seattle, Washington, directed Bergoust Engineers & Company to design as efficient a mechanical/Electrical System as possible.

However, no additional funds were set aside for energy conservation equipment. A budget was established for the Mechanical/Electrical construction cost, and that budget was not exceeded.

All bids were within 2 % of the the budget and and ran approx. $12,000,000 for the General, $6,000,000 for the Mechanical, and $3,000,000 for the Electrical.

By Keeping the size and cost of mundane work to a minimum, the more innovative systems were made affordable.

The reclaim/chillers operate 365 days a year and provide backup to the centrifugal chiller. The added costs to achieve a heat reclaim capability were paid back in less than a year.